(Full album and hi-res pictures here.)

We made a table. We had some decking taken up, and thought we could use the wood. There were beams (104mm x 48mm), that made the legs, and 120mm x 29mm planks, that made an excellent table top. In this photo my Mum is sanding the table legs. My Dad is cutting the table top planks to size. I am rebolting the table legs together after glueing. You can see the design here, just two H-shaped legs made of lengths of beam, and then the planks screwed on top. A circular saw borrowed from someone (thankyou!) made short work of the sawing, and could even cut good angles for the ends of the table legs. The joints were made by drilling two holes for 100mm bolts, and were glued too. And a couple of screws were put in too, just in case. Ok, at this point you can see I'm not really sure what I'm doing.

The finished table. The dimensions are 1700mm (L) x 860mm (W) x 750mm (H).

The finished table. You can see that the underside of the table top is the same as the decking that the table is standing on, since it is made from a section of decking that was removed.

And immediately after we finished the table it was time for dinner! Mnki serves us cauliflower curry.

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