Suicide mum's poem to suicide daughter[1]:

The house without you seems empty and bare,
The smell of your fragrance no longer fills the air.
Your face, your smile the touch of your skin,
The forthcoming plans you'd aimed to begin.
The years of your life were not in vain,
As your time with us precious memories will always remain.
We know our hearts will never mend,
We'll ache and weep until our lives end.

Now come on, is there really any need to be that miserable? If you're going to leave a poem as a suicide note, for god's sake cheer up a bit.

Please, dear reader, send in some more cheerful poems. A hat to the best. Here's my attempt:

Ah yes, life sucks. But never mind,
At least we've left it all behind.
Our hearts and bodies rest in pieces,
Painlessly the train releases.
No need to cry, 'cos if you look,
We're still on facebook.

This post was originally on LiveJournal.