This is weird. So I'm reading an article about the Northern Rock issue. It blames one of the directors who has stood down, a Matt Ridley. And I'm thinking, that's a very familiar name.

And yes, it turns out that it is the same Matt Ridley that is an evolutionary biologist / science writer, author of such famous books as the The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature, a hugely influential book about co-evolution, a key concept for the artifical life crowd.

And the article suggests that Ridley's love of evolution's callousness might be to blame for Northern Rock's problems - by allowing companies to take greater risks instead of trying to keep them all safe, Ridley argues that more competitive companies would emerge. Sort of a free-market eugenics - kill off the weak. And then it all went wrong and Northen Rock had to rely on its support network after all, learning the value of ohana in the end.

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