Everyone's favourite Indian granny, Zohra Sehgal:

(here advertising hearing aids, as reported in The Hindu)

A sprightly 95 years old, Zohra is still working hard, having appeared in such great films as Bend it like Beckham and Kal Ho Naa Ho.

And delightfully, I now discover that she even appeared in some episodes of Dr Who, in the William Hartnell years. The BBC (despite having lost this episode) have photos of her here:

(a frame from "The Knight of Jaffa", an episode of "The Crusade", 1965)

(IMDB says she also appeared in three Dr Who episodes from "Marco Polo" (1964) but all of those are missing too.)

I love these connections. Did you know that Felicity Kendal's sister married Raj Kapoor's brother? And of course when you look, Zohra Sehgal turns out to be a friend of the family...

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