"The crowd has vanished! Er-- um... they're gone. Everyone has gone. Thousands of people have just gone. Er... um... right in front of my eyes. Um... it's impossible! Bob, can we join you, um, in the box? (silence - footage cuts to empty box) Bob? Not you too, Bob?"

"Over eighty-thousand spectators and thirteen thousand athletes... Er... they're gone! All of those people. Er... it's a terrible, terrible turn of events..."

"It's much more than a torch now, it's a beacon. It's a beacon of hope and fortitude and courage. And it's a beacon of love. "

"Just look at this! Utterly incredibly scenes at the Olympics stadium - eighty thousand athletes and spectators, they disappeared - they've come back! They've returned. They've reappeared. It's quite incredible. Bob, this will certainly... There's a mystery man - he's picked up the flame... we've no idea who he is... erm... he's carrying the flame, yes! He's carrying the flame and no one wants to stop him. It's more than a flame now, Bob. It's more than heat and light. It's hope. And it's courage. And it's love."

olympic torch relay protests (thanks to feelinglistless)

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