So it's just happened again. Sitting on the floor, playing with Turtle, helping her suck on pieces of apple. Now she can sit on her own (though not safely), and can pick things up, and has teeth to nibble on things, and enjoys food that she can hold. For ten minutes or more we sat and she nibbled, occasionally spitting out pieces and generally drooling everywhere. And trying to work out where the music was coming from, and looking at the trees moving in the wind out of the window, and just being adorable. And it's the quiet after the storm since Alpa and kids have just left and the house is ours again. And your brain can't help contextualising what's happened and it's dizzying. The same as looking down from a ridge at the valley floor and the view, realising how small we are in relation to the landscape. Look how far we've come. And I think to myself, what emotion is this but I guess there's only one word for it. And then Mnki comes and takes a picture because you both look so goddamn happy.

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