I'm so happy about this new Radiohead video that has just come out:

Here are some of the things I like about it:

1) It uses two different types of 3D scanning equipment.

2) They've made no attempt to render the points realistically, they just leave them as pixels.

3) They deliberately degrade the quality of the 3d scans, to get more arty looking data.

4) It looks really rubbish at the end. Like a student project or something. Bless them.

5) The main web page is at code.google.com, Google's sourceforge-like place for hosting open source projects. This is just too geeky for words.

6) We went to visit Geometric Informatics last year, on my first and only business trip since joining Eurocom. One thing you can see in the video is that the scanner can't capture more than a few seconds of face data because it fills up the hard-drive.

The making-of video is much more interesting than the final video. They obviously had a lot of fun making it which is the important thing.

... later ...

7) They have given away all the 3D data used to make this video. Here's a frame rendered with greyscale spheres:

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