In tribute to J. G. Ballard I'd like to share this story of his.

It's called 'The Index', and you can read it online:

(This loads Amazon's `look inside' feature (needs javascript). Click on the link on the left: 'Index'.)

The story takes the form of an index of a (non-existent) book. You can work out what happens to the main character (HRH) through the references listed. Fortunately he lives his life in a remarkably alphabetical order.

There's a review and explanation of the story here:</wbr>f-existence

The amusing thing is that Amazon don't seem to have realised that they've actually made one of his stories available - they think they've uploaded the actual index of 'War Fever', the volume in which the story appears. This mistake is itself a tribute to Ballard, in a way.

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