Here's our Christmas tree:

(That's Turtle in the blurry atmospheric shot.)

The tree slots together, and packs flat. I made it out of plywood. Here's the Google SketchUp model, including the cutting layout:

(click to download)

The five pieces in the middle shot are the only ones that are glued together. The others slot into each other when assembled.

- plywood sheet (903mm x 608mm x 3mm)
- wood glue
- wood primer
- toy safe enamel paint (brown and dark green)

- hacksaw (one that can rotate the blade to cut sideways)
- drill (to start the slots)
- sandpaper
- paintbrush

Making stuff is fun! Especially projects like this where it doesn't matter too much if it all goes wrong. (Sharp-eyed readers will notice that the tree's 'branches' are the wrong way up in the photos! The plan was correct, just not my execution...)

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