June 2008
Chris King starts working full time on the tapes. He has been booked for three months. The only problem is that none of the promised new tapes have arrived. Thierry says he is still trying to sort them out. He isn’t quite sure where they are, or how many there are, or what’s on the ones he has got. And he says he has to make copies of all of them before sending them. I tell him that will take too long and he just has to take a leap of faith and send them. [1]
We're watching Exit Through The Gift Shop at the moment. It's an astonishingly good documentary about the street art movement and Banksy.

The film only happened because the film-maker, Thierry, has a personal obsession with filming stuff to avoid losing his memories, and had accumulated several years worth of footage before deciding that he ought to perhaps do something with it all. He (reluctantly) hands over boxes and boxes full of video tapes, having made no effort to edit or organise or often even label them. A bit like Kubrick's famous boxes (another excellent documentary) containing endless painstaking research, only the opposite.

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