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Originally shared by Robert LlewellynWhy does this Werritty bloke even matter?

I’m grunting as I bend down to wipe some jam off the kitchen floor. I’m having a solo, high speed mobile breakfast, walking around putting things away, wiping surfaces as I take bites out of a piece of toasted organic bread with free range butter and homemade marmalade. Yes, I’m THAT middle class.
To top off this picture of early 21st century middle class domesticity, I’m listening to BBC radio 4, it’s 7 in the morning and they’re going on about some bloke called Adam Werritty.
Who’s he, was he in the X Factor, did he go out with Beyonce? No, he went out with the British Defense Secretary, Dr Liam Fox. Sorry, I didn’t say that, he didn’t go out with him, they once shared a flat before Dr Fox got ‘married.’
Sorry, I didn’t mean to type the word married like that. He got married and his ex-flat-mate was his ‘best man.’
Damn, done it again, sorry. I forgot to turn off the ‘insert innuendo’ plug in.
Why do I need to know about this? I couldn’t give a stuff if Liam Fox made Louis Spence look like a straight accountant. There’s loads of gay MP’s in the House of Commons, some of them are even openly gay.
But then the story starts to invade your every waking moment. Adam Werritty, I keep hearing that name. It’s an unusual name, it sounds as if a novelist like John Le Carre might have made it up.
It’s painfully obvious that the man who is currently the UK defence secretary, who has access to this countries most vital defence information, secrets, future plans and truly massive budget, yes it’s been cut but it’s still bloody enormous, has been hanging around with someone very shady.
Someone who has desk space provided for him by the hedge fund CQS, which is run by an Australian bloke called Michael Hintze, who happens to be a multi billionaire who funds the Conservative Party among many other highly commendable acts of generosity, also lent Dr Fox and Mr Werritty his private jet.
I’ve got mates like that. ‘Hey Bob, need to go to New York, take the Gulf Stream baby, I’m not using it today.’
What does all this mean? Maybe it means that the men in suits who run hedge funds know the men in suits who sell guns, bombs and missiles, who know men in suits who spend our money buying them.
Surely not. Surely Dr Fox’s relationship with this well dodgy geezer is nothing to do with us, what he does in the privacy of his own home is private and has no bearing on his behaviour in office.
Yawn. Sorry, I just fell asleep as I was typing that old chestnut.
The thing is, just suppose for a moment that Dr Fox was a friend of Dorothy, just suppose he’d got married on the advice of his party, because no one wants a pouf running the army, just suppose the marriage is a sham, the Mrs knows this, and regularly ‘goes off’ on jaunts giving Dr Fox and his old flat-mate a bit of ‘us time.’
If that is even remotely true, then Dr Fox is in a uniquely weak position, one that many British upper class men in government and the security services have been in over the years.
If, like me, you are a tragic old wanker and someone says, ‘I’m going to tell the press you are a tragic old wanker unless you…blah de blah.’ I can say, ‘piss off, everyone knows I’m a tragic old wanker, you have no leverage.’
Implying that Dr Fox is gay is doing him a good deed. I personally hope he is and that’s the reason behind this spooky Werritty bloke who travels with him every time he goes on a trip. And boy does he go on a lot of trips. If they are indulging in a bit of adult male bonding in a posh hotel in Sri Lanka, that’s great.
If, however, he really is straight, there’s no kinky middle aged bloke on middle aged bloke action, then what is being revealed is far more sinister.
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