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&quot;Because we suspected we lived in a plutocracy<br>But suddenly of late t...
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"Because we suspected we lived in a plutocracy
But suddenly of late there is no doubt"
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We're gonna stay right here. Lyric: Occupy Wall Street (We're Gonna Stay Right Here) Because this is where they buy the politicians Because this is where power has its seat Because ninety-nine percent of us are suffering At the mercy of the madmen on this street Because all of us are victims of class warfare Being waged on us by the one percent Because these greedy banksters rob the country Leaving us without the means to pay the rent Because the last time that we had a decent government Was about 1932 Because we the people are supposed to run the country But instead it's all run by and for the few Because now we know the rich do not pay taxes But when they need a hand it's us who bail them out Because we suspected we lived in a plutocracy But suddenly of late there is no doubt And so we're gonna stay right here (2x) Because both my parents lost their savings Because I have never opened an account Because the interest on my credit card just doubled And now I can't pay the minimum amount Because these budget cuts are just immoral With our schools as overcrowded as they are Because there are no buses where I live But I can't afford to drive a car Because so many of us don't have health insurance The rest of us have it but it sucks Because the rich are riding in their private jets While the rest of us are slogging through the muck Because capitalism isn't working This system has just failed to produce Because the one percent is prospering While the rest of us just suffer their abuse Because it has been demonstrated amply That the winners are the ones who stick around Because this world should belong to everyone Not just the banksters who would smash it to the ground Because we've noticed voting doesn't change things When the politicians are mostly millionaires Because we're learning how to stand up like Tunisians Like they did in Tahrir Square Where a young man named Mohamed Bouazizi Struck a match that lit up all the Earth And all around the world the spell was broken And a movement for the future was in birth Because there's only so much shit the rich can feed us Before we figure out which side we're on Because we've learned if we want our liberation It will come only if we stay here til the rising of the dawn Because corporations are not people And we can't just let them choose Because if we leave our fate to them Then all of us will surely lose Because the climate clock is ticking And we can't just leave our world behind Because corporate rule isn't working And it's time for humans' hearts and minds Because you can't take it with you Because the rich just do not care Because it doesn't matter how much you make But how much you can share Because these moments don't come often Because we want truly to be free Because we know what really matters Something called society

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