Oramics! Draw in frequency space_

Oramics! Draw in frequency space.
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Oramics! Draw in frequency space.
Originally shared by Google Creative SandboxDyskograf is a music experiment created by Avoka, a collection of new media artists and producers. The project consists of a graphical disk drive, the music is created by the user drawing on the disk with a marker.

In this way the experience becomes a highly visual one. It expands the language of music drawing from the visual arts. But perhaps the most interesting possibility for this experiment is its easy-to-use form, allowing for anyone to create music regardless of talent.

As the barriers to music creation break down, the possibilities will only increase for more immersive, imaginative, and engaging sonic experiences. 

DYSKOGRAF is a graphic disk reader.  Each disc is created by visitors to the installation by way of felt tip pens provided for their use.  The mechanism then reads the disk, translating the drawing into a musical sequence. Co-production : Cultures Electroni[k], Les Bouillants, Avoka More info on the web : dyskograf.com avoka.fr //////////////////////////////// FR ///////////////////////////// DYSKOGRAF est un lecteur de disques graphiques. Chaque disque est créé sur place par les visiteurs de l’installation grâçe à une série de feutres mis à leur disposition. Le dispositif permet ensuite de lire les disques pour traduire le dessin en une séquence musicale. Co-production : Cultures Electroni[k], Les Bouillants, Avoka Plus d'info sur le web : dyskograf.com avoka.fr

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