Damning stuff from a 50-year comparison

Damning stuff from a 50-year comparison of crop yields in Europe (GM-free) an...
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Damning stuff from a 50-year comparison of crop yields in Europe (GM-free) and the US (GM-saturated).

"The US (and Canadian) yields are falling behind economically and technologically equivalent agroecosystems matched for latitude, season and crop type"

"pesticide (both herbicide and insecticide) use is higher in the United States than in comparator W. European countries"

"Notwithstanding claims to the contrary (e.g. Derbyshire 2011), there is no evidence that GM biotechnology is superior to other biotechnologies"

"we found no yield benefit when the United States was compared to W. Europe, other economically developed countries of the same latitude which do not grow GM crops."

And lots of other good points, many stemming from the effects of a commercial monopoly, on crop diversity and funding of research.

Paper: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/14735903.2013.806408#.UcGG3JxHYUD
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