Another animated supernova_

Another animated supernova.
Tim HuttonTim Hutton - 2013-08-01 16:40:58+0000 - Updated: 2013-08-01 16:40:58+0000
Another animated supernova.
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To help kick off the Summer sky viewing season in the Northern Hemisphere, here is an Animated #GIF  of V838 Monocerotis. 

a red variable star in the constellation Monoceros about 20,000 light years (6 kpc) from the Sun. The previously unknown star was observed in early 2002 experiencing a major outburst. The reason for the outburst is still uncertain, but several conjectures have been put forward, including an eruption related to stellar death processes and a merger of a binary star or planets.

Images taken and strung together by +European Space Agency, ESA and courtesy of the always stellar +Lars DeRuntz. Add them to your circles immediately, and get out there to do some good old fashioned star gazing. Life is too short not to. 

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