So that_s what I_ve been working on! Th

So <i>that&#39;s</i> what I&#39;ve been working on! This actually looks fun. ...
Tim HuttonTim Hutton - 2015-01-21 19:32:02+0000 - Updated: 2015-01-21 19:32:02+0000
So that's what I've been working on! This actually looks fun. Loving the Minecraft bits.

For the first time ever, Microsoft HoloLens seamlessly blends high-definition holograms with your real world. Holograms will improve the way you do things ev...

truedeadandlife - 2015-01-21 19:41:39+0000
You were one of the makers of this device?
Martahkiin - 2015-01-21 19:46:46+0000
How did you not know what you worked on?
Tim Hutton - 2015-01-21 19:58:03+0000
+Martahkiin :) It was always "Project B" to us.
OCG -JohnM- - 2015-01-21 20:04:30+0000
I call bull
xd xd - 2015-01-21 20:10:24+0000
leon scott - 2015-01-21 20:17:40+0000
+Tim Hutton Awesome! keep up the great work Tim 
Martahkiin - 2015-01-21 20:32:42+0000
+Tim Hutton Yeah but you should've, like,had a hunch you're building revolutionary stuffs.
Tijjer - 2015-01-21 21:31:17+0000
+Tim Hutton Project B?  You think they would have chosen a much clever name for it x3
MrZangarra - 2015-01-21 23:18:27+0000
Is our technology even close to obtaining such optimistic levels of holographic display aswell as such a compact device, small enough to be worn on your head? Im mean look at the oculus rift which is the only device close to virtual immersion, and that thing isnt quite small... I mean even if you could make a prototype of this how are you ever gonna get it massively produced to be sold on a standard customer basis?
loic Lahaye - 2015-01-21 23:51:39+0000
Hello ,
I have a question ...
I have an optical problem with one of my eyes ... So I can not see the 3D in a cinema for example  ... This eye is working  but with something like 4/10 . So , my question is : can I use a Microsoft HonoLens ?
OCG -JohnM- - 2015-01-22 04:32:16+0000
+Conservatism Arthas well now I feel stupid
Gitesh Khodiyar - 2015-01-22 09:31:13+0000 - Updated: 2015-01-22 09:31:53+0000
I watched the launch last night and it is great to see practical applications (unlike Google glass). I’m sure the geologists at work will snap this up to explore oil fields. At the other end of the spectrum, I gave my kids Google cardboard, and the level of immersion is impressive considering it is just a piece of card and a mobile phone! I have no idea why the holo headset has to be that big.
Tim Hutton - 2015-01-22 10:05:59+0000
+loic Lahaye Have you tried the Oculus Rift? (Find a museum or science center with one if not.) It should be the same sort of result for your eyes as the HoloLens.
Tim Hutton - 2015-01-22 10:12:22+0000
+Gitesh Khodiyar Yes, they could have put the screens closer to the eye to get the same field of view, as with Oculus Rift and Cardboard. Maybe the screen is further away to allow the eye tracking to work.
Programentalist - 2015-01-22 12:17:39+0000
+loic Lahaye People that are completely blind or severely impaired on one eye reports the Oculus Rift works great for them, so there's at least a good chance this will work fine for you.
loic Lahaye - 2015-01-22 14:57:01+0000
+Programentalist  It's a really great news for me :) Thank you :)
Alexander Mordvintsev - 2015-01-22 15:25:54+0000
What do you think about MagicLeap?

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