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To make this colorful paper candy you will need 10 different colors of paper and a scissors. First print the Inverted “S” shaped pattern on all the color sheets. The design of the pattern is given as a PDF in the DO IT DETAILS section. Then cut all the 10 pieces along their outlines. Cut the Inverted “S” along the solid line. Cut all the 10 pieces in different colors. Then bend both ends along the two dotted lines. Now start assembling the pieces. For this first lock two pieces at the top along their notches. Keep adding the third, fourth pieces. Until you assemble them all into a beautiful spiral. Then hold the no-glue joint and invert the spiral. Finally interlock the other ends together in a similar fashion. For this, start interlocking the notches of the pieces together. In the end a beautiful colorful spiral 3-D Candy like model will emerge. Assemble smaller pieces to make smaller models. Two color candies also look very pretty!

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