The guardian today bemoans the lack of good science tv but completely fails to mention Nina and the Neurons [1] [2] - an excellent show that Turtle enjoys.

Recently we learnt that with smelly feet it's not the sweat itself that smells. This was rigorously confirmed through a simple experiment where the Dad of the subject family was persuaded to exercise wearing plastic bags inside his shoes. A randomly-selected panel of experts (the children of the family) were then asked if the sweat collected in the plastic bags was smelly, and 100% of respondents stated that it was not. And also the program made clear that the data from the experiment didn't support any further conclusion about where the smell actually comes from. It was excellent science. Well kind of. It's a start. It was genuinely more scientific than Horizon has been recently.

And children get the best news too. Newsround is brilliant for animal news in particular (e.g. [3]). It's far more factual than Newsnight, say, which is always droning on about 'politics' or something dull.

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