“Piku-Piku” is a smooth version of wiggle stereoscopy. There’s a website: Start3D.com that takes your left and right images (just move the camera a few centimeters in between each shot) and makes a smooth blend between them. Easy!


1) Piki-piku: http://www.start3d.com/en/7627124486/0001/6211165585725180

2) Wiggle stereoscopy:

In the piku-piku you can see where the two images have been interpolated - the missing pixels take on the color of those around them. Sometimes there is glitching, which could be a bug. Here’s a SIGGRAPH 2010 paper on more extreme view interpolation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyiaAYrFrLM

My old page on wiggle stereoscopy is here: http://www.sq3.org.uk/photos/stereo/

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