" So I took out my Snuff-gun and tried it on him. The snuff in it is so potent that one shot, delivered somewhere in the region of a man's moustache, is quite enough. It is now eleven o'clock at night. Prahlad is still sneezing. If my calculations are correct, he will continue to sneeze for the next thirty-three hours. "

Written by the famous film-maker Satyajit Ray, Professor Shonku is a genius inventor who has wonderful adventures with his cat Newton and his household robot Bidhushekhar. One day he's inventing a machine to make birds intelligent, the next he's foiling a dastardly plot by a Swedish scientist to miniaturise famous people.

It's really good. It's like H. G. Wells for kids: playful, scientific and moral.

There are lots of other Professor Shonku books but they're quite hard to get hold of in the UK. PenguinIndia sell them but not Penguin UK. You can find them on the used book market. Amazon sells the one above, and offer a few others second-hand. Google shopping finds a few more for sale.

Thanks to Susanta for introducing me!

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