All 21-bit RGB colors in one image, by_

All 21-bit RGB colors in one image, by growing from a central pixel.<br><a re...
Tim HuttonTim Hutton - 2014-03-03 19:53:43+0000 - Updated: 2014-03-03 19:58:58+0000
All 21-bit RGB colors in one image, by growing from a central pixel.

Find more information, original, raw, accurate and even bigger images, and also the program that did this, on my blog:

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József Fejes - 2014-03-03 20:26:37+0000
Thanks for sharing! Sadly my site is down under the unexpected load, I already contacted my hosting provider :).
Tim Hutton - 2014-03-03 20:34:04+0000 - Updated: 2014-03-03 21:53:59+0000
Hi +József Fejes, it's beautiful. Reminds me of the work of Jonathan McCabe:
Tom Madams - 2014-03-08 06:31:56+0000
Beautiful stuff! I saw this a couple of days ago and subsequently spent the last two of evenings writing a version of the algorithm in javascript.

In its current state, generating and playing a 21 bit animation takes around 25 seconds. Unfortunately Chrome kills the script when I try the full 24bits because it uses too much memory :(
akira inoue - 2014-03-25 21:21:58+0000
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akira inoue - 2014-03-25 21:24:20+0000
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